Guess Who!

Which “still struggling to make it” actress pulled a “Sonali Kulkarni“?


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Painting The Town Red!

Preity Zinta @ IPL Auction

Priyanka Chopra @ Tvasthar 2008

While, both Preity and Priyanka looked like they hadn’t slept in days, Preity still managed to look more classy than Priyanka at the IPL Auction. What a big difference a good dress and a belt makes!

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"Bra"iling Issues

Want to wear an outfit that is see-through?

Well, make sure that you wear underwear that doesn’t show. Go for strapless innerwear! Do not be a Kashmira!

But then, what do you do, when that strapless innerwear still manages to peek through like it does for Rani.

Then, my dears, it is time to either to go to the adhesive alternatives or skip the outfit altogether!

Kashmira @ Website Launch

Rani @ Ambani Bash

If you are still daring and want to stick to the pasties, get some adhesive options available at Victoria’s Secret here.

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Turning The Tables..

We have picked on everybody so far, be it, actors or socialites, so why should designers be far behind? We think it is about time we turn tables on some of these designers we have caught who weren’t definitely dressing to their nines.

It’s a good thing that we have seen their work before seeing them, else we might have never been able to truly critique them just for their work! ;)

Pria Kataria Puri

Maheka Mirpuri

Anjalee Kapoor

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Sparking Off Something New?

Is Amrita Arora trying to spark off a new trend, of wearing long necklaces/chains around shoulders??

For me, the look is so ‘forced’, just seems like she is ‘trying-too-hard’!! Don’t know if someone else can make it work better but on her it just doesn’t click!

Hit or Miss?

At Coutons Fashion Show

At Globus Seventeen Cover Girl Hunt 2008

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