The Bag Face Off

Which bag does thee dig more?

Mansi Scott With Her Prada Red Patent Ombre Bag
Sania Mirza With Her Gucci Indy

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Still Not Green With Envy!

Spotted Yukta Mookhey in a green gown and while she was dressed far better than her previous appearances(here,here, and here), am still not ready to cut her any slack. The woman was Ms. World for chrissake! Do they forget all that they learned the moment they pass on the crown???


Yukta @ Memsaab Premiere

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Tacky outfit. Tacky jewelry. Tacky clutch. Its like she walked out of Ekta Kapoor’s set mid-shoot!

A Miss India dressed like that? Unacceptable.

sj-1.jpg sj-3.jpg

Sarah Jane

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This Is How You Go Wrong With Even Black!

Do I even have to say anything! How could Deepshikha even consider this dress? Gonna have to look at Mahima again to get rid of this image! And as for, Divya, noticed the gold shoes?

Divya Dutta

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Divya Khosla went all bling’ed out to the ‘Haal-e-Dil’ permiere, more friday night clubbing than premiere, but she still somehow made it work!

Our only gripe? With the sequined top and metallic silver shoes, wish she went easy on the jewelry! Way easy on the jewelry. There’s just way too much going on. It still is so much better than her previous bling’ed appearance!

divyahaaledil1.JPG divyahaaledil11.JPG

Divya Khosla At Haal-e-Dil Premiere

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