Fab Or Drab?


We liked Konkona’s look at a recent event… we do wish her pants were narrower but considering she wears the ‘look’ so well, our verdict is ‘Fab’ all the way!


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Neha Dhupia In Shantanu And Nikhil

Katrina Kaif wore this dress in blue for her Filmfare shoot and now we spotted Neha Dhupia in the original runway version at the ‘Singh Is Kinng’ success party…

Neha Dhupia
Shantanu And Nikhil Spring/Summer 08

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shibaniwoodstock.jpg shibani_zoya.jpg
Left: At Woodstock Villa Premiere, Mumbai
Right: ‘The Zoya Factor’ Book Release, Delhi

P.S. If that dress looks familiar, it is because it is the same one we have seen on so many people already.

Source and Source

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From Runway To Shoot!

Did you know that the dress worn by Katrina for the title song of ‘Welcome’ was a Pucci?

Well, now you do!

welcome_pucci_katrina_kaif.jpg welcome_pucci_katrina_kaif_silver_dress.jpg
Above: Katrina, ‘Welcome’ Shoot
Emilio Pucci, Spring 2007


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Footwear Gone Wrong.

One thing Sameera taught us, was how not to do footwear! Agreed that these ladies are better, at least their footwear isn’t downright dowdy (we actually sort of like them!), but it still doesn’t quite work… And thats because they are sooo severely mismatched with their outfits!

Why do shoes get the step sisterly treatment? They can often make or break an outfit…

Hansika Motwani
Minissha Lamba

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