One In Every Color?

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Kareena @ Say Shava Shava Finale

Like so many others, we caught Kareena too repeating a similar outfit in a different color! Sure didn’t expect this from her!

Kareena @ Saawariya Premiere

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  1. i see kareena steals alot of the limelight on ur blog girls…wats the matter..hehehee

    but regardless an actress like kareena who is so high on the fashion game and makes this mistake…a bit hard to digest!!!!

  2. something tells me she doesn’t buy all these outfits… don’t u think manish malhotra could be loaning her clothes, a la Hollywood stars who get dressed by the big fashion houses for award functions?

  3. In the fashion industry its not really seen as a huge mistake to be buying something you like in another colour.

    If it looks good on you and you like it, there is nothing wrong in having it in another colour.

    Wearing the exact same outfit is not acceptable, but wearing it in another colour is.

    Ever heard of the french wardrobe?

  4. payal priya, where can i buy the chandelier earrings that Kareena’s wearing with the red saaree? I also saw aishwarya wearing similar earrings in fact four or five different ones with different saarees.

    thank you.

  5. guys….please give her some credit! being an actore is not a easy job! when u have the press after u all the time! and more than that invading ur personal life!
    noone can be perfect 100% of the times!

  6. To all fashionistas,
    Stars like Kareena do get to wear Manish Malhotra ensembles for free. That is why we see them wearing the same thing again and again! This is where we lack the concept of stylist, that someone who makes sure that their client is not caught dead in the same outfit or style ever again!

    And Kareena, who always says that she is so much better than anyone else, this was a little bit disappointing!

  7. To be honest, i think your being a little too harsh. There is no rule saying that you can not repeat an outfit a second time. Alot of celebs do this and it actually happens more in Hollywood with the exact same outfit! At least this is a different colour.

    It just shows that they are normal too and do repeat outfits, i know i have and sure you have too!

  8. of course we repeat outfits, but we are not celebs.. we expect celebs not to repeat outfits, though the ones kareens is wearing are just a tad diffrent other than the colour..

  9. I don’t mind ppl repeating their outfits. But one in each color is ridiculous.
    It’s ok if u hv sm favorite saree that u wear on two different occasions but buying two colors of d same design shows poor fashion sesne.

  10. ok guys and gals – give this a break…will ya! She has only worn an outfit in a different color. If she has shown signs of multiple personality disorder, I could understand the hoopla.

    Lets not get too caught up.

  11. I have seen Oprah saying that she liked an outfit so much that she bought it in a variety of colors for example there was this t shirt and cashmere sweater she liked and she said she bought in all the colors. So i too think that it’s ok for celebrities to wear the same outfit or different colored but same style outfits as long as they don’t repeat too many times. I think wearing it twice is ok but not more than that…we do like to see celebrities in different designs, styles etc.

    just my two cents.

  12. Payal is right because I think Kareena does think that she is better than anyone else. In the koffee with karan interview, she was asked a question along the lines of “name an actor or actress whose recent fashion faux pas she noticed” and she responded without even thinking twice “aishwarya in jeans and a white pair of sneaker boots” she meant that she saw a picture of ash in that and found that to be a fashion faux pas.
    And Shahid looked at her with a what-on-earth-are-you-saying expression, he was almost embarassed by that answer of kareena.

  13. In Hollywood, Nicole Kidman got this style game named after her – its called doing a Nicole, when you like something and buy it in all colours (but she was referring to t- shirts, shoes and bags only). Now to buy two sarees, of no exceptional design would be crime and a waste of money, but I am sure she got loaned both the outfits from Manish, afterall he would get more phukkat ka publicity that way.


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