Of Sequins And Scales

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Spotted. Katrina Kaif donning a sari yet again to the Delhi premiere of “Race”. The beige sari had the same fish-scale-esque sequin work just like the sari Tabu wore to the Filmfare Awards.

I prefered Tabu’s, since the border on Katrina’s is way too gaudy for my taste? Which one is your favorite?

Above: Katrina @ Delhi premiere of “Race”
Below: Tabu @ 53rd FairOne Filmfare Awards

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  1. Definitely prefer Tabu’s. Much less bling and much more classier. Katrina’s sari minus the over-blinged border could have been great with the blouse.
    Umm, and what is the red thing on her wrist?

  2. well actually i prefer the colour of Katrina’s saree. the work looks better on it than on tabu’s white. but yes – a less blingy blouse would have helped.

  3. Actually I prefer Katrina’s sari. She should have worn a thick silver necklace matching her earrings.

    Is it just me or does Katrina rock a sari like no one else? She looks so graceful in one, like the sari was made for her body.

    Tabu looks good too.

  4. I agree with you Nadia…Kat looks too good in a sari….I think it’s good that she is not wearing any necklace, then it would have been too much….but she should have worn a bangle! Something like Tabu’s for a premier would not be my choice also….she needs to stand out with so many other actresses around and I think that’s why she chose this!!

  5. I somehow feel Katrina is unable to carry off sarees. Maybe it’s the whole non-Indian thing..but the way someone like Tabu or Ash carries off the saree..Kat looks awkward and weird.

  6. i love katrinas sarees…both the pink and this one…it would be better suited for a wedding but nevertheless if i didnt know the occasion i would pick katrina’s look over Tabu’s

  7. Pump for Kat, Dump for Tabu.

    Actually both are nice looking and if you compare the ocasssion they are well dressed for it. Cant compare the same slight different outfits for the totally different ocassion.

    tabu is sari can be worn on bday party.

    Kat on wedding reception 🙂


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