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Soundarya tied the knot with Vishagan over the weekend and here are pics of the bride and groom but mostly the bride. ;)

She started off with a Varun Bahl lehenga for the mehendi and sangeet, a couple of silk saris that included a pink one by Tulsi Silk that had extra beading work done by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. For her reception, it was a Sabyasachi lehenga.

We wish the newly weds our very best!

Soundarya and Vishagan At Wedding Reception

At Wedding (left and center) and Pre-Wedding Reception

At Wedding (left and center) and Pre-Wedding Reception

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  1. The sabya was a let down – the same look done to death a million times. Tulsi silks in Chennai creates some of the most exquisite sarees. Myself (and all the girls from my family) have bought many fabulous kancheepurams for our weddings and other events. I felt the AJSK embellishments were kinda unnecessary. The tulsi saree would have been glorious by itself. Really curious about the other two silk sarees. Are they also from Tulsi?

    • Thank you. These wedding looks are quite disappointing. We don’t need AJSK to ruin south indian silks. They are pretty as they are. The green sari was nice but then the jewelry with it ?!!!!

      • Shradda, not sure what is sly here. I just shouted out my appreciation for tulsi silks from the rooftops. In any case, I do not work for them, they do not need any covert form of advertising either.
        Before you throw allegations at a person or a business, it might help if you were more aware of the context of the discussion. Just so you know, Silk Sarees are heirlooms. They are worn for weddings, baby showers, and many other wonderful life events. They are much treasured and loved and passed down to multiple generations. There are some iconic stores that are very reputed. Families shop at these stores decade after decade. Shopping at these stores and acquiring an heirloom which my grandchild might wear some day is a very very big deal. That is why shoppers like me have such a big attachment to a certain store.
        Some other iconic saree shops in the city that I personally love – Hayagriva, Nalli, Kumaran, Rasi, sundari, parisera, kanakavalli .
        Ps: I don’t work for any of these stores ?

    • Dora, the green saree is from Sundari Silks. The pink wedding one and the cerulean one are from Tulsi. She wore another royal blue silk saree at one of her pre-wedding events and that too was from Tulsi.

      I didn’t like the AJSK work done on the Tulsi silk saree at all. Wish we’d see proper traditional weaves and hope these designer “additions” trend doesn’t last long (remembering Deepika’s Angadi silk + Sabya work…)

      Best wishes to the couple.

  2. She looks lovely in all her sarees. I don’t know what it is, but I love seeing south Indian brides in their sarees. Perhaps, the simple blouse cuts and the structured pleating of their sarees.

  3. How could they allow someone to do “beadwork” on an exquisite kanjeevaram saree from Tulsi Silks??? Left alone, the saree would have looked far more regal than it did with all the embellishments.

    • Yeah right, the weaver weaved such lovely sari with his talent and hardwork. Then AJSK come and puncture and rupture the fine sari with his silly beads and embellishments. I cringe. These pics are not doing justice to the bride.


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