No More Sakina

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Now that “Saawariya” is old news, someone is breaking free from the “Sakina” avatar. A glammed up Sonam Kapoor attended the “Sony United Endeavor” to promote Saawariya again.

While I love her dress, the slip-on flats just look so bleh.

And those tacky curls just remind me of Ash in “Kyun Ho Gaya Na”. I have yet to see someone look good in fake curls!

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  1. wow she looks beautiful, i think thats her real hair, her dress is flawless, so is everything else, those slippers cant be fabulous because she would look to tall.. love her cluth, whole ensemble very holly wood red carpet

  2. anonymous,
    by fake curls, i mean not natural curls. didn’t mean fake hair. she coordinated the rest of the outfit really well though…think she should have either worn a sandal with low heel vs these slip ons..


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