Well Suited?

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At the Vogue event, jewellery designer Nitya Arora (of Valliyan) and Masaba went the suit route wearing their two piece with lace bralets.

Even though they didn’t fare very well under the camera flashes, I quite liked their suits. But, I probably would’ve paired different innerwear with the suits.

Whose suit is more you?

Nitya Arora and Masaba Gupta

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Agreed the gold a degree better but Masaba has an entire clothing brand to choose from and yet she found Santa Claus’s Halloween costume. She is so fierce and this outfit does nothing for her.

  1. Why are finishing touches so shoddy? So many desi designers seem to have visible seams, uneven hems, puckering. Those little details and fitting go such a long way in making designer wear feel luxe.

  2. I like the color of Masaba’s suit but that’s the extent of it. Its ill-fitting, proportions are off and the fabric isn’t the best quality. Hate the gold suit.

  3. HHC ladies, you all seem to have sold out. Getting designer freebies much? Call a bad outfit (in this case two) by what it is – Horrendous!!!! Or will that stop your supply of said freebies?

  4. Usually, I can attest a difference in opinion of clothes to individual choices but this is just AWFUL.
    The fit is so bad, the green color suit pants are all types of bad and it looks super duper bad. As someone said in this thread, cannot believe they r designers.

  5. Both looks are such an eyesore ! And forget about looks, Masaba’s inner-wear doesn’t seem to be doing its job in the first place … And that woman calls herself a designer !!!!

  6. Those two suits are horrendous, to put it mildly. What on Earth is Masaba thinking? That’s a satiny, ill fitted suit. And the bad tailoring. Local darzis are so perfect about the finishes. And the other lady… she is wearing Michael Jackson’s suit from his Mumbai performance in late 90s. She must have taken it for a spin given the Halloween season.


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