In Ranna Gill Again

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Two gowns from one collection. Nisha sure loves her Ranna Gill gowns!

P.S. You can check the other Ranna here.

Left: Nisha Jamwal, Lakme Fashion Week
Middle: Ranna Gill, Autumn 2008
Right: Nisha Jamwal, ‘Fashion’ Success Bash

Update: Added clarification
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  1. I really wish some of these “socialites” and celebrities would realize that what is worn by a model is not exactly how it’s going to look on them. These people can more than afford stylists so why not utilize them. This is the second time I’ve seen Jamwal wear something that’s been on the ramp. And my verdict: Is she wearing a night gown?!!
    The dress isn’t all that hot but the model def. wears it better.

  2. The gown is OK on the runway and but ugly on Nisha. The butterfly top looks bigger somehow and the colors look too muddy. This lady also needs a haircut!


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