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Wearing a printed yellow kurta with a white sharara and juttis, Nimrat was spotted out and about on Wednesday evening. She looked lovely.

Nimrat Kaur

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Nimrat looks lovely. She is one beautifully dressed stylish lady almost always.

    Not to hijack this thread/post: Did anyone see Anushka sharma in body hugging jeans today? 1 week after having a baby? HOW!

    • I don’t understand why it’s so celebrated?….A lot of woman don’t gave any weight on their legs during pregnancy…she was wearing a lose t-shirt…can’t say rest.

    • Tbh idk why it’s such a big deal. Every body is different and we shouldn’t celebrate nor chastise women’s post pregnancy bodies. Also, jeans are comfortable for many people, myself included.

  2. Hi Chichi, she exercised and stayed healthy throughout her pregnancy. She had a nutritionist and a yoga teacher at the very least.

    That being said, each pregnancy is different and each woman is different. I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy and I didn’t do any exercise when I was pregnant again right after. I also had gestational diabetes and was very slim right after delivery due to the restricted diet during pregnancy.

    I would rather celebrate and normalize woman’s bodies as they are; especially after giving birth to a child.

    I love women like Ashley Graham who are candid about changes in their body, the stretch marks etc.

    • Yes, I am with you 100%. Not saying women cannot be slim and wear fitted clothing right after and of course she has all the help. I also prefer celebrities who are candid about changes and set correct expectations about post-pregnancy bodies and life.
      I personally thought she is a freak of nature since no one I know goes near a jean even a month after delivery or attempts headstands in their 8th month of pregnancy. I just hope this is not considered the norm for pregnancy/post-baby bodies.


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