News(In): October 21, 2018

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Your snapshot of what’s in conversation in the world of fashion this week.

1. If you love cats, you may like the Louis Vuitton and Grace Coddington capsule collection. Read This.

2. Laura and Kate Mulleavy;s (of Rodarte) thoughts on American fashion. Read This.

3. Primark wooing German customers by focusing on ethical fashion. Read This.

4. Garba in Vadodra . Read This.

5. eBay is suing AmazonRead This

6. Balenciaga is being sued by CAR-FRESHNER. Read this.

News compiled by Dilpreet.

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  1. That little tree design did remind me of the car freshener. Sad that a big brand like Balenciaga steals designs right, left and centre. At least in these days of social media, sites like diet Prada and diet sabya do their bit to bring these to our attention. But even so, not sure if it makes any difference to the copy cats (re: how Shweta Bachchan coolly defended her copied design).

    Thanks for the news update 🙂


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