Denim Don’ts

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If Neha’s jumpsuit was a romper we might have loved it. The awkward length with those sandals and that LV bag just isn’t making for the best look for travels.

As for Ms. Singh. EEEKS! Stone-wash still exists? We thought it died years ago.

Anybody else feel like handing these two paintbrushes and pointing them to a wall? 😛


Left: Neha Oberoi Leaving For Colombo
Right: Sabina Singh at Indiglo Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Come on guys, Neha looks fine in her jumpsuit! About that LV bag – I don’t think it looks good on anyone. One ugly bag that.

  2. dont know who either of these ladies are but its nice to see some new faces here. neha oberoi is naturally pretty.

    stone wash denim should be banned. its so tacky.

  3. Neha looks pretty ….Rompers and with this length dont look good on everyone and this girl neha whoever she is …rocks the dress.
    Other lady sabina ,looks too mature for romper dress +that length from top and bottom +print.

    Looks like she is nt comfortable showing that much skin So wearing it ,just bcos she belongs to fashion industry and has to show the janta…that she can carry all the styles.

    • What on earth does showing skin have to do with the fashion industry? Sometimes I really wonder where these comments are coming from and what concept of fashion some of the comments have

  4. arre, i’m hurt that you guys think neha isnt looking good. i have the SAME ROMPER!!! and it looks very cute, trust me. you can add a dash of coulour by wearing a white or bright yellow sleeveless vest inside.


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