In Jenjum Gadi

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Neha, who ran the half-marathon at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, attended the pre-event pasta party wearing Jenjum Gadi with a red Lala Queen bag finishing out the easy-breezy look. Loved it.

P.S. On an aside, big props to Neha and all the other stars who actually ran. Having done two halfs (don’t ask me my time though! :P), I personally know how much dedication it takes to prepare for one and how tough it is to run it. Congrats to them all!


Left: Jenjum Gadi
Right: Neha Dhupia at Pre Mumbai Marathon Pasta Party

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    • I wasn’t thanking anyone. But, I get your point. The special kudos was cuz some celebs show up and don’t run or run for a bit for the cameras. And that am not a fan of.

    • You need all the carbs you can get before running a half marathon or full. It is very customary for runners to pig out on pasta the day/night before of a big race. 🙂


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