In Mary Katrantzou

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Natasha attended the Style Du Jour bash in a Fall 2012 Mary Katrantzou which I think she modified from a gown to a dress. With the dress being so busy, it was a good idea to go with a subtle black clutch and black Loubs.


Left: Mary Katrantzou, Fall 2012
Right: Natasha Poonawala at Grey Goose Style Du Jour Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Look like she listened to the comments and changed her hair dye, finally. Both hair color and make up is working but it appear as if she’s wearing more than one dress tied together with a belt.

  2. Slashing the extra metres off the gown definitely works for the better, in her case. I quite like the outfit; it’s lady-like but a little kooky… a combo I find very Brit.
    Mary K and Nat P are a good match. In fact, she’s a good match with Brit labels -Treacy, McQueen, Pilotto, Katrantzou, V Westwood etc.

  3. For some reason the dress looks tackier on Natasha than on the runway model…like it’s a cheap ripoff or something…or maybe it just doesn’t photograph well in reality (silvery tones seldom do) I used to really like this woman’s individualistic style sense, but her past few looks including this one come across as just too costumey.

  4. She loves to experiment & I like her sense of style……so different & she pulls it off with aplomb! I doubt this dress can be carried off as well as she does by several bollywood beauties.


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