In Louboutins

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Love Love Love the shoes. Just wish Ms. Mahtani had put on a dress that was a tad bit better though.

We love that she went short on the dress to show off the shoes, but this dress is so frumpy!

Nandita Mahtani, Lakme Fashion Week Bash

Louboutin Patent d’Orsay Wedge

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Wow… what a mis-fit appearence… navy blue dress with hot pink shoes! I never understood the big dealio about this woman anyway – all I gather is she’s some huge socialite and a lot of the good looking men of BW have been with her or are in awe of her. Weird.

  2. aren’t those shoes like a size too big for her feet? the edge of the wedge stands out…lol.. way 2 go..blowing up money on something that they can make only look ugly…

  3. Love the shoes. Totally. I have the same dress in that exact color that I wear to bed. I SWEAR. Creepy Ey?

    @K: Is this woman really on the most wanted list by BW men? Am I blind? Cuz I sure ain’t seein’ it…she looks totally washed out and sort of well…for the lack of finding a nicer way to put it haggard.

  4. She has actually aced the look, dress down and EVERYBODY will focus on the shoes….bang on target. Now I can understand why Karishma got her act together, she had big shoes to fill !!!

  5. Pri n Payal – Saw you guys featured on Jet’s in-flight magazine – Jetwings Sept issue (have sent you the scanned copy)!Way to go!! Love you guys!

  6. Am I the only one who feels that the shoes are awful ,maybe coz shocking pink is not my idea of high fashion or maybe I lack the edginess to appreciate it. Again a case of people going crazy only for the brand not the product.

  7. nandita looks AWFUL.. she has totally ruined the shoes..
    what’s with her hair.. really bad dress.. and awful legs..
    and she is a DESIGNER.. god help us all..
    not to campare but Sanjay got himself better dressed

  8. The shoes are fugly. I dont care if they are CL. They are just fugly. Nandita looks hot. At least she took the trouble to paint her toes to go with her shoes. Wish she had done the same with her hands.


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