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Nandita along with a few other filmmakers attended a seminar in Kolkata that covered Indian Cinema and celebrated 60 years of Satyajit Ray’s movie, Pather Panchali.

At the seminar, she was seen in a striped jacket and rust colored long kurta, both from Paromita Banerjee. It was a simple earthy look that was totally up Ms. Das’ alley and one that we also loved.


Nandita Das

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  1. She looks great!
    I ran into her at BKC and asked her for directions before realizing half-way through her answer that it was Nandita Das. I blurted out “Are you Nandita Das?” and I just stared like a fool when she nodded. Such an awkward moment! She is very beautiful in real life too.

  2. lovely! i wish she would change her earrings once in a while. I usually see her in similar silver drops or gold jhumkis. She could try other designs too.

  3. We should have a celebrity bingo. The word ‘earthy’ has been mentioned three times in the comments section. Unusually, the word ‘dusky’ and ‘ethnic’ have not been mentioned in the context of Nandita Das.
    When it comes to Kajol, ‘monobrow’ gets mentioned, with Malaika ‘tacky’ is used and with Aishwarya it’s usually ‘sooooo pretty’ at least once.
    Have I missed anyone?

    • Here are some more that often feature in the comments. Please note that these are not necessarily my opinion, just what I notice in the comments.
      Vidya Balan – “Behenji”
      Tamannah Bhatia – “Skin tone” used as a euphemism for fair skin
      Huma Qureshi and Sonakshi Sinha – “Curvy”
      Sonam Kapoor – “Chic”
      Any model – “Fierce”

  4. Thank you All, and yes, I completely agree. She does look elegant and effortless. I guess, the whole idea of “fashion” is to be oneself and not look made-up at all ! So , if the look , looks natural enough, I think the job is done !
    I also happened to be in the audience during this seminar last Sunday, and Nandita as always was a great orator, completely at ease.

  5. Imagine her on the cover of vogue..Why can’t fashion magazines take such risks once in a while, experiment with shock themselves once in a while..


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