Case Of The Forgotten Pants

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Namitha and Anjala decided to flaunt some skin which may have been a good idea in theory but a bad one in practice.

Anjala barely looks alrite, but, Namitha just gives a whole new meaning to the term, Thunder Thighs!

Anjala Zaveri

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  1. who are these girls? In the case of Anjala the fitting is all wrong. They actually look like actresses auditioning for Ramsay scary movies.

  2. hey come on, namitha “not heavy”?? man she is not only thunder thighs, but thunder other things too – huge bust, no waist “kamar nahi kamara” just watch her in one of the c-rated tamil movies and u will know what i mean

  3. Thunder thighs?
    That was unecessary and uncalled for. If you want to expand and want to be taken serious you’ll have to use a more professional approach oppose to the high school language.

  4. @ Michelle … I have seen her in Tamil films. I find her horribly annoying. She isn’t fat. She is curvier than what we’re conditioned to seeing on screen. She is also horribly dressed for her figure 99% of the time. I know actors who are bigger than her who can actually be considered ‘fat’.

  5. namitha must have an extraordinary amount of confidence to leave the house dressed like that. she does look a bit podgy and she also looks like she forgot to wear trousers.

  6. They both look terrible.

    Because regional languages are what they are – confined to a small region, many of the actresses (barring top stars) are neither paid as well as Bollywood actresses who get international and national exposure nor are they as sophisticated. – just like B-grade starlets in Bollywood films.

    But in fact, many of them come from other regions of India to act in telugu, tamil and malayalam movies. Susmita Sen and Tabu and Shabana Azmi are some of the actresses who you might recognize and they all are from Hyderabad, in Andhra Pradesh.

    In any case, its fun looking at pics of ALL actors and actresses and socialites from all over the world – the good, the bad and the ugly!!

  7. namitha is 200 pounds heavy and loves it! if you read any of her interviews she always talks about how her audience loves her the way she is. honestly though, she always acts in such sleazy movies.
    anjala is so inconspicuous, she really should go home.

  8. They are not heavy…and what is with always commenting on celeibrity’s weights as well? I love talking about clothes because that iis something you can honestly control, but a person can look beautiful no matter what their weight is or what their body type is 🙂
    calling someone thunder thighs is a highly immature insult that I would expect from some outlandish tabloid :/
    But still, ugly dresses la la la…

  9. ‘Thunder Thighs’ reference was only meant in ‘tongue-in-cheek’ vein, we obviously didn’t mean anything by it!

    Like I said before, fashion and more importantly style, isn’t about the bags you carry and labels you sport or what clothes you wear…Its about how you wear them!

    I don’t remotely have a sinewy runway body by the longest shot… but I do know how to dress to work with an otherwise obstinate pair of hips who seem to have a mind and agenda of their own! 😉

    And in this case, Namitha didn’t. Thats all.


  10. @Priyanka
    Just so you know…I did take you comment lightly 🙂
    It was more directed at Michelle and comments in similar vein
    but then again I’m sure that Tabloids mean it in a tounge-in-cheek way too 😉
    B) …jk

  11. I have no idea who either of these women are – although the one in the right pic looks kinda familiar

    – neither one is what I would describe as fat, in a weird kinda of way its refreshing to see an indian celeb/actress/whatever that doesn’t fit the stereotype generic look.

    Namitha could have chosen something more flattering for her curvy figure but kudos to her for having the balls to wear a mini-dress in an industry that prizes the generic barbie look and bashes the individuality and personality out of all of it’s starlets eventually…

  12. @rubywoo…kudos to her for not wearing something that suits her body?

    she should swap with the singer, whats her name? starts with S, she tends to wear leggings with every dress…

  13. I don’t condone the way namitha is dressed but I, for one, am sooo tired of the kareena size zero hype. It’s nice to see someone who doesn’t care to go on a liquid diet to fit a certain image.

  14. From when did Sushmita Sen be from Hyd. She is originally from Delhi with roots in Kolkata. I think at least at a public event, one should wear something that they look nice in and avoid the current trend if their body type does not suit it!
    Honestly I think Namitha looks horrendous… I have seen some pics of her flick and they only ooze of flesh. Even then I didn’t expect such an appearance.Probably thinks she is the Mallika Sherawat of the South:D I don’t think Anjala looks good here too..

  15. Strangely, Namitha — tho she totally doesn’t have the body for the dress — doesn’t look half as uncomfortable as Anjala in that mini.

  16. anjala zaveri was a bollywood actress…dunno if she works for tamil telgu etc cinema or not…her first flick was wid aksah khanna..himalaya was aksahyas debut film..n she was in pyar kiya to darna kya..the gal who was after arbaz khan..n i think alos in that song..tallo me nainital bakki sab talliya…lol..shes pretty kinds…but neva did anythin good..

  17. er…i don’t know guys, I just watched a few videos of Namitha on Youtube, and the guys seems to, um, REALLY like her *wink wink*…so I don’t know…?

  18. well.. these awards were in chennai.. so what happ to the moral police there, who ran after mallika sherawat who wore a dress much longer than what the babe namitha is wearing..

    i fully agree that you should dress body appropriate, that is what fashion teaches you anyway… and i cant blv how bloated anjala looks.. she was soo thin earlier!

    read namithas interview.. and that babe has some confidence..


    Looks like they both deserve the Red and White Bravery Awards.

    Of course I am not saying they are FAT. Just very, very brave.

    ps: I notice we have a Fat rights commission building up here on this post. Ahem.

  20. Now these starlets need not follow fashions literally! If Bebo with the alleged size0 can carry something does not mean a size 8-10 can carry off that look without looking umm…odd(chose this word so as not to offend other readers).

    Find something that suits your body type…don’t flaunt something you don’t have……when oh when will the gals learn this……..

  21. namitha is a “C” grade tamil actress weighing over 250 lbs n loving it…can someone tell this “BIG GAL to coverup!…..disgusting!

  22. I don’t think being heavy set is unattractive..But people such as Namitha make it appear that way because of their poor choices..An outfit should create an illusion of beauty- mostly by hiding your flaws and enhancing your best points. If I were her, I’d wear longer dresses, esp since she seems tall. Even trousers and fancy shirts would look good (if you’re only into wearing Western outfits)..But never would I wear an outfit of such length…

  23. the problem is in the choice of dress….being a well endowned thigh woman myself…i can confidently say that….sressed with lots of frills suit better……

  24. Well.. well.. welll… sme want to talk about dress, some dnt want to say these ‘oh-so-gorgeous’ females fat. Guys a dress is worn according to your size .. yes everyone wants to look sexy and cool, but for that you need to have a good body.. AND here ‘thunder thighs’ is a very good term used for Namitha. She looks like a C-grade film actress..


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