Ditto: A Sandal Edition

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Both Ameesha and Mugdha wore the same blue strappy sandals and while, Ameesha picked a blue belt to coordinate her red dress with her sandals, Mugdha chose a simple pink dress and accessorized with chains.

Whose look do you dig more?

Ameesha, TOI Photoshoot
Mugdha Godse, Star Bazaar Opening


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  1. neither.

    and ok, i had been plannin on buyin a belt, a nice one, to wear with this dress i was plannin on buying. but i think i will skip that.

    im sick of belts. damn these people! but why wear a belt if it wont DO anything? just sit there?

  2. One thing I hate more than anything is a woman who tries wayyy too hard. It isn’t sexy to be over-the-top sexy. Sexy is a state of mind and a certain sense of allure/mystery/subtlety. Ameesha definitely needs to tone it the heck down. I just don’t like anything about her down to her sense of style or lack thereof.

  3. I find Ameesha a bit meh most of the time, she has a dated kind of look and her voice and mannerisms grate me – that dress is doing her no favours even though she has a lovely figure.

    And what is with that pout?

  4. Amisha’s dress is kinda short. And I just dont like those necks which have a slit. Really tacky!
    And yeaaahh…what is it with this big belt obsession?


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