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Mrunal attended the Lokmat Most Stylish event wearing an Anamika Khanna denim jacket and draped skirt look paired with cobalt blue heels and diamond drop earrings. This look was quite striking and I loved it. Having said that, when you look closer, one realises that the necklace is part of the drape skirt. Now, as odd as it is, I still thought she looked good.

What are your thoughts?

Mrunal Thakur

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. draped skirts remind me of lungis, or worser still, me tying my nightie into a knot in the front so it falls just until my knee, when I am knee deep in household chores.

    My only problem with this look is the draped skirt. I can’t get the above image out of my head when I see one, and I find it hard to think of a draped skirt in satin as fashion. It looks like a fancy inskirt knotted up for convenience.

  2. You ‘still think it’s good’ because you are biased towards AK.
    This is a comical mish mash of mythological serial costume meets beachwear shrug! And am nt even starting abt the footwear and pearly attachment ..

  3. Just nope! Too severe hair and make-up and those tacky shoes are an eye-sore. The shirt looks so shabby. No way this is a well put-together designer outfit.

  4. Mrunal keeps her looks from being forced and almost always makes her looks work.

    On anyone else, this would look comical. She is working this outfit without being in your face.

    I’d have chosen killer heeled strappy muted gold sandals with this though.

  5. We are socially conditioned to see fashion in a certain light. This clearly isn’t our “norm” – but one must give credits where due, Mrunal looks amazing. Fashion is meant to be exploring in new boundaries, experimenting. In this case the muse does pull the look off and does the outfit justice even thought the heels do look like an afterthought. But kudos to pulling of an experimental outfit to Mrunal πŸ™‚

  6. Tacktastic. The bias is strong in this one. A belly button show by any other designer and you guys would have been singing an entirely different tune but since it’s AK, all is forgiven. Apparently.

  7. Nopes ! Looks very much like a glorified beachside or pool party look!
    This is one of the worst AK outfit.
    That lace thingy at the bottom of the skirt looks like such an afterthought . Looks like left over lace stitched to the bottom of a sarong wrap.


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