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Mini opted for a Raw Mango sari to wear to the Vogue Women Of The Year Awards pairing it with earrings from Flower Child by Shaheen Abbas and a Joker and Witch neckpiece.

I thought she looked nice but I also had two gripes here as well. My first gripe about this look was the fact that she draped the sari to go under the blouse which seemed quite unnecessary to me considering the sari was a sheer one to begin with. Second one was the blouse itself. It doesn’t seem to be the most flattering in design.

Mini Mathur

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Hello ladies. I checked in after a very very long time on this blog and read through all your comments. Just a clarification, I DID put the pallu over my shoulder, it is so sheer that it cannot be seen in these pictures. As saree wearers are aware.. the reams of organza had to be bunched up SOMEWHERE and the area under the bust is often the best.
      Some looks work, some don’t .. one keeps trying to not get boring… even to oneself but to call it a “mid life crisis“ is pretty harsh. Women don’t show boobs at public events because they are scared of ageing. Comment on the styling and the fashion faux pas by all means… but let’s not get so personal coz… women should not be pulling down each other over a look.

  1. Unfortunately, on regular mortals , this new sabya style blouse ( with zero support) looks like the unstructured blouses without buttons that my grandma used to wear.

  2. The sari is beautiful.
    I trust Ms Mathur with her saree looks. But truly disappointed in the way she wore this one. I mean, under the blouse pallu; not working… seriously. A simple drape would also have accentuated the blouse design as it seems that was the intent here.
    Hopefully, next time she fares better.

  3. Is it me, or is it an optical illusion? The sheer saree has only one layer going over the blouse, and the layers bunch under the blouse. This bunching makes it look like she is wearing it only under the blouse.
    She looks perfectly reasonable IMHO.

  4. she looked so great in the greige-and-ranipink raw mango at mami (pics on her IG) but this… makes no sense. if she had to do a hot turn — coz vogue, you know — just pick a different garment, no? why drag a saree to this obscene level?
    the less said about the blouse, the better, which makes this drape even more bizarre — there’s literally nothing to see here.

  5. The sari itself is lovely, but with the bad fit of the blouse and the poor choice of drape it comes off a bit sloppy IMO. The messy hair, heavy kajal and unnecessary addition of the necklace only make the overall look worse.


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