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Wearing a Falguni and Shane Peacock sari, Mindy attended the South Asian Excellence event on Thursday evening. The whole feather on the pallu itself and not on the border seemed like an odd design choice but overall I did like her here.

I’ve been following Ms. Kaling wear Papa Don’t Preach before and while I like that she’s been picking Indian designers, can’t say I liked the outfits itself.

Mindy Kaling at South Asian Excellence Pre-Oscars Celebration

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  1. So basically Falguni and Shane Peacock was on sale or something! Love how P&P showcased pictures from this event and didn’t like any of it haha! I agree, none of them represent the current diversity that we have in Indian fashion. Ugh why can’t people wear rich, handloom sarees (if they’re going for a saree) instead of this sparkly stuff!

  2. The sari and make up both are atrocious. This is typical Hollywood cliched version of “dhinchak saree and loud makeup”. Thankfully, she refrained from loud jewelry.

  3. I cannot believe I am saying this – but the drape is too conservative for a saree like that. You dont need a one boob show, but I would not have had those pleats for the pallu.

  4. The only thing working is the color.

    This is the worst makeup I have seen Mindy wear.

    And her choices of Indian clothes are always on the fence, like this one.

    I want to like it but can’t.

  5. I think it’s a little unfair to judge Indians who have lived abroad for a while on their Indian wear. Their aesthetic sence is more tuned to the country they’re living in. Especially because Indianwear isn’t global like western clothes.

    • Not true all, not any more. There is so much more exposure with Indian designers on global platform. And with access to the internet, you can easily research and find designs and designers that match your aesthetics.
      This is not Mindy’s fault though…this is how Bollywood dresses all the time so it’s easy to assume that this is the in thing. She is pulling it off rather well

      • Exactly you said it… You don’t wear or see sarees regularly abroad so your ideas are based on what’s on the internet, read Bollywood, and thats not the regular India at all…

        • NRI here of 2 decades +.

          I see your good intentions but the assumptions are wrong. I see sarees sometimes more regularly than my females friends & friendly in Delhi. We are so deprived of ‘mera desh’ feeling that we jump at every opportunity. It ends up feeling more indian than Indians in India. I see gajras in theme dinner parties, Payal khandwala in brunch settings and a la 45 degrees titling wine glass accompanied by a gorgeous saree on a stunning influencer 🙂 every weekend.

          NRI live in a time bubble of sorts. So it comes down to taste, access and resources. I expect Mindy to have all 3 and she did not show up. This one is a fail for such reasons.

      • Vish is right. The choices may be more varied now but it is still not what is worn in India because around you the environment is different. Example many cultural symbols that are part of Indian life from bindi to gajra to bangles you rarely see in NRIs.

  6. It is a lot better than Mindy’s previous saree outings and she looks good

    The Peacock creations always look like someone married old Bollywood dream sequences with modern silhouettes.


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