In Raw Mango

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At promotions of her movie, Manushi was seen in a Raw Mango sari, one that was paired with a white blouse which was quite surprising cuz most would’ve gone the matching blouse route. Having sid that I liked the contrasting white here. Did you as well?

Manushi Chhillar

Photo Credit: Ragalahari

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  1. The blouse is a complete mismatch, she could have still salvaged it by draping the pallu properly!!!

    But nope!!! BW women have no other way of telling us how desirable they are. It uniformly makes them look desperate and crass!!!

  2. So tired of seeing this.
    The sloppy draping to cup the boob is just bringing the entire charm of the saree.
    Ur eyes get automatically drawn there.
    Do bolly ladies think people will stop seeing them as sexy or desirable if they for a change put on a saree more gracefully or respectfully.

  3. If she thinks this drape is getting her attention then full marks for that.
    If she thinks it is making her look attractive by popping out one boob then no… looks yucky and horrendous.


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