In Mandira Wirk

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Even a fractured ankle didn’t keep Ms. Bedi away from attending Mandira Wirk’s show at Lakme Fashion Week. We hope it was worth it! ๐Ÿ˜›

p.s. Here’s wishing Ms. Bedi a speedy recovery.


Left: Mandira Wirk, Chivas Fashion Tour
Right: Mandira Bedi at Lakme Fashion Week, Mandira Wirk Show

Photo Credit: Daylife

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  1. i love it how you HAVE to have your cast signed…else you look like a loser and a half. lol

    damn i never got to show how popular i was! never broke anything. lol ahahaha…touchwood

  2. Reminds me of me! Still stuck at home cause of a fractured right ankle can’t drive and all :(. She looks for me I’ve gained like 20 pounds cause of my mothers cooking!!

    Anways.. I love that color though.


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