“Pagli” Sure Wears Ugly Outfits

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While Mallika is quite capable of pulling a WTHeyyy, this one we will have to overlook because she was promoting her “Pagli” character from the movie, “Ugly Aur Pagli”, who wears a lot of boots and pantyhose with skirts.

But, red pantyhose with red striped shirt! Quite awful!

mallika_radio.JPG mallika_radio_ugly.JPG

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  1. pdaervo,
    Yep, and it seems Malaika has gotten a head start…
    But to wear red with that striped top and that denim skirt… is pretty darn bad…

  2. I think she is trying to promote her character in the movie…the promos show her to be this she-devil…hence benefit of doubt!


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