Maan Gaye Mallika!

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You may not have great taste when it comes to clothes, but at least you had enough sense to make sure that the patchwork cover-up coordinated with your very shiny dress unlike the one on Ms Katrina‘s gown.

Now, if only the same amount of effort was put into choosing a good outfit…

Update: Mallika is wearing Anita Dongre.


Mallika Sherawat, ‘Man Gaye Mughal-E-Azam’ Premiere

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  1. i don’t like this outfit and her for that matter…i mean why is she so talked about? she has the worst voice delivery ive seen on screen!! shes not preety, shes just tall good bod and a little hot but not preety

  2. I love Mallika for her ambition (even if it is a bit extreme) and the fact that she knows exactly what she’s doing. If you look at her in interviews she is astoundingly intelligent and is actually pretty interestig unlike some of Bollywood’s top actresses *coughKatrinaKaifcough*. I like her hair too, but her outfits do need a bit of help.

  3. She has the same look since Murder – the brown hair, the curls, the same makeup. Change it up, chica. You are hot n sexy so live it up!

  4. hahaa pdaervo… i felt the same. she Patched something?? 🙂 Is she slowly trying to change her image? I love Mallika’s confidence and was pleasantly surprised to hear her in an interview. She comes across as a very honest gal too, apart from intelligent. And she does seem to be sweet. I do hope she lean towards other roles of substance. That wld be nice to see.


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