Mallika At Cannes 2013: Inside Llewyn Davis Premiere

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Mallika walked the red carpet again at Cannes, this time in a strapless Dolce & Gabbana. Her full-skirted lace gown might be a familiar DG look but am not complaining because she looked darn good.

Not only was this the much better look from the Pucci but holey-moley, is this the same woman who wore this!


Mallika Sherawat At Cannes 2013: Inside Llewyn Davis Premiere

Photo Credit: Daylife

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  1. Looks like she finally realized that sensationalism amounts to nothing. She’s looking good. I liked her first appearance too.

  2. oh, she’s given us quite a few shockers on the red carpet! this is such a lovely and elegant look, thankfully without any ‘twist’!

  3. I somehow feel the impact Sonam’s appearance in D&G made inspired her to try this silhouette,talking about which, D&G almost never do any form of romantic, subtle or whimsical well, the structure of this gown is trademark D&G but the work on it is sooo Elie Saab..I wouldn’t have known any better had it not been mentioned..

    • See i disagree,for an important event like Cannes i wud plan my wardrobe months ahead and im not even a celebrity to be that finicky……..although im a stylist,and wud wanna plan which is not always the case but im sure this is just a co-incidence,look at the lingirie material and the sassy zombie bride vibe,it scream Ma-ll-i-ka,in other news,arent u all excited for the bachellorette?

  4. I would easily say i love this look 100% if all the tulle under that dress didn’t make it look like she borrowed someone else’s body from the waste down. The dress is nice and from her boobs up looks normal but man… ugh this is upsetting! This could have been a great moment for her!


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