Wearing It Again. But Worse?

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It wasn’t an impressive lehenga (an Anita Dongre Timeless) to begin with, and wasn’t any better with that ‘barely there’ choli the last time around. But, does the sequin choli (?) that she chose to change things up with, while attending the launch of a milkshake named after her in LA work any better? We think not!

Ridiculously inappropriate.

Major boobage and milkshakes… yes people… lets not get carried away with the comments now shall we? 😉

P.S. Aren’t there health codes being violated by Mallika attending an icecream parlour like that??? 🙂


Left: Cannes Film Festival ‘The Myth’ Photocall, May 2005
Right: At launch of the ‘Mallika’ shake at Millions of Milkshake in LA, Apr 2009


At launch of the ‘Mallika’ shake at ‘Millions of Milkshake’ in LA, Apr 2009

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. TheMy milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
    And their like
    It’s better than yours,
    Damn right it’s better than yours,
    I can teach you,
    But I have to charge hip hop song comes to mind , i know lame but i have to sing it.

  2. why oh why the need to slam us with these all the time? people at the milkshake parlor probably left with black eyes!! maybe she should be launching the indian Hooters

  3. OMG rofl, mallika shake? and she’s wearing the most pun-intended outfit if you know what I mean 😉 woman’s got guts, though I don’t know how much will I even WANT to flaunt it even if I had it 😉 not that I’m an obese cow! well, from 05 to 09, mallika sure got hotter

  4. the look SCREAMS … stupid/dumb/wanna be/idiotic/trying too dam hard/ bimbo bimbo bimbo/extremely pathetic.

    i just dont get it you know. after all the travel and exposure how can people in this day and age have no sense on how to dress well!

  5. oh boy.. it couldn’t have been worse.

    i actually went there a couple days ago.. too bad i missed her.. wait thats a good thing lol

    but i find it amusing that she went to launch her shake=/ esp in such an outfit

  6. What?! What kind of dress is that.. she might as well have worn a bikini.. that slit, that choli.. so so tacky! was she thinking some hollywood produce might notice her assets like this?

  7. I agree with the others in that this attire of hers is so inappropriate for the launch of a product. She should take pointers from Priety and should have worn a simple sheath with fabulous Louboutin pumps……Now that’s classy!

    But I have to say, the woman does have a great bod!

  8. my milk shake is beter than yours …ehh malliaka lol… besides the trashy look…she has a geat bod.. although she couldva look soo much sexier with a summery print dress or something.. who wears such a thing during the day@ summer.. having said all tht ..to each his own … ; )

  9. WHAT?!?! she got a milkshake?!?!
    …well, the Kardashians have one too soo….
    (plus it’s owned by that Sheraz guy)
    noteven a kardashian would wear that though :l- major sluttage

  10. Why is some store in LA naming something after her? I’m pretty sure 99.8% of Americans have never even heard of her.

    And that outfit is 100 types of bad.

  11. @ mishal – thanks 🙂 So this is in W. Hollywood. I might check it out, though I just found they have a shake after other famous ppl like britney and the kardeshians, etc and I don’t like any of these so…

  12. are u kidding me???? seriosly?? this is the second time in a row shes looked horrid in hollywood…
    im pretty sure apart from rakhi sawant and the some other z listers no one would disgrace with their fashion like this.

  13. ahahahahahaha!! what would be mallika shwerawat without her crazy skimpy indianized outfits! this is mallika’s style people. LOLLLLLLLL!

  14. HOTTT !!! you guys dont get it , being a man I can assure you nothing sells better than a confident ‘I-don’t -give-a -damn’ type woman and Mallika has got it all,, I wish I could taste that shake !

  15. Hey guys,

    What is wrong with that dress? She is shaking ’em for a shake and getting all the publicity….
    Tell me now, how many of you will go to that shop and try it (the shake guys , Focus !!! Focus !!!) at least once?

  16. come on now… I think she look hot and better than 2005. But its all wrong…
    ITs all wrong because of the rich and grand clothing… I think she dressed a little too much for a day time event.
    she should have just worn black bikini top and denim shorts and played it hot, casual and still get her “point” across.

  17. I have one question…why is there a milkshake named after her? I wonder what it tastes like…hmmm i hope it tastes good!

    OMG Mallika has an absolutely amazing body, and her confidence and don’t-give-a-crap attitude is sooo sexy! I mean she’s selling MILKSHAKES, how else is she gonna dress?

    @ Shruti – I’m GLAD there’s a sexy woman repping india!!

  18. Ummm…I get that this is Mallika’s signature style. But she practically wearing the same slutty dresses over and over again! Wouldn’t she want to change it up? And will she ever learn that showing boobage/legs/skin is NOT ALWAYS equal to sexy??!!

  19. damn – and with that disclaimer you deprived us of all rude puns.

    oh well. nothing new to say but feel bad for the woman. by now even she must realise what a fool she’s made of herself

  20. Sooo apparently another word for choli is a bra? Because there’s no denying that that is what she’s wearing. I love me some Mallika, but not in this!

  21. Hmm.. what can I say! Did she really need a choli coz it hardly covers up.. and also her tailor definitely knows her tricks.. and in a Milkshake bar.. how ironic! and… is she crazy about that colour?

  22. man. what a waste. i kind of like the lehenga – despite the slit, the work is good, and the wide waist band looks good on her, even if the material is a bit drape/wallpaper-like. if only she had worn a simple ganji to offplay the grandeur and outre of the skirt…although i do have to agree with coconut – she doesn’t look anything less than confident in these pics, incl. the one behind the counter.

  23. people actually get famous just for showing off their bodies…always amazes me. She is the playboy types isn’t she, I don’t know much about her.
    I don’t know where to start, I can’t see a dress all I see is skin everywhere.

  24. Her dressing sense, from what I gather after seeing her here, is completely opossite to how pretty she is. I mean, with that figure and I can expect her to look H-A-W-T stuff and so gorgeous. But look at her. Grrrr. Wish she would make the stylist from ‘Ugli aur Pagli’ her personal stylist. Gawd! Some people!

  25. Gee z now that she’s in LA shouldn’t she have a stylist?
    Why is she dressed like she was attending a costume party? This whole Arabian nights theme is so inappropriate.


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