Cannes 2010: Love Barack Press Meet

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There was such a potential to do justice to this funky vest. Alas, the look falls so flat on Mallika because of the same-ole-hair and makeup. A pulled back pony or straightened hair would’ve so elevated this look.

You like?

Thanks ‘Mahesvari’ for the images.


Photo Credit: Mahesvari Autar

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  1. Wow, thats a really avant-garde vest! i love it! agreed that the hair and make up is so meh – dark dramatic eyes would have really looked good with the top! In the picture to the far right it looks like she’s holding a matching oval shaped clutch under her arm – but then i realised it’s the padded pockets on the vest top!

  2. I actually like, waist up. Leather pants (except glossy liquid black ones worn with longish tops) are not a trend I’m going to get onboard with too son. These look a little…cheap
    But yes, gorg vest

  3. Wow I love the Jacket.. its so meeeeee… So Balmain ispired, dunno if its Balmain. I hate those pants, wish she wore it on top of a high rise tight black skirt and ankle length booties.

  4. I like it too!! I feel that we are more guarded in showing our appreciation for Mallika because of her past reputation!:) But have to agree that she had a pretty decent run this time!

  5. That vest is kickass. I especially love that she wore it at Cannes. She should have gone a size up on the pants (leggings?) though. And yeah, a slicked back ponytail would have looked awesome!

  6. Love the vest but I can’t get myself to like leather pants. That vest could have looked so good with a skirt and pulled back hair. Will it be possible to id the vest?

  7. It looks like a beautiful life jacket – you know the ones that you have to inflate if something really bad happens to your plane !

  8. Vest is awesomeness. U r right about the make up. But the girl is improving. But I wish she had worn the faux leather pants from Milk Liquid. That wud have gone better with this ensemble.


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