In Pankaj and Nidhi


Malaika attended the Colors TV bash wearing a white Pankaj and Nidhi applique gown that she paired with coral Louboutin pumps and an Outhouse necklace. Given Malaika predisposition to show off her pins, am surprised she picked a version of the gown that had the full lining.

I wish the gown had a white lining and Malaika had worn her hair back to show off the statement necklace.

P.S. Catch her wear another Pankaj and Nidhi on the sets of India’s Got Talent inside.


Left: Pankaj and Nidhi, Spring 2014
Right: Malaika Arora at Colors TV Party


Malaika Arora on India’s Got Talent Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


    • Yeah finally she has dressed her age n like a lady. I would have liked to see an updo but not complaining coz she looks very elegant.


  1. P&P, I never really understand your criticism about pulling the hair back to “show off the necklace” or “show off the collar” and other such things you come up with. These people are not hangers that walk down the runway to sell clothing and jewelry for others.

    They’re showing off themselves, not a necklace. Fashion is great but it’s an accessory to make yourself look your best. You don’t change yourself to make the fashion itself the spotlight. Why would she hide away her pretty hair just so the necklace can get more attention when you can already see enough of it?


  2. I quite prefer Malaika’s version of the white gown over the runway version. White with gold has made for a great combination there




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