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It was another lehenga look for Madhuri on the Awards night of IIFA and can you say gorgeous with a big G!

We’ve been given some grief over the past about nit-picking over Mads’ hair but this look just proves our point. A different do and it made for a dramatic change and made the look.

Love it!


Madhuri Dixit at IIFA Awards 2013 in Macau

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I love Madhuri…of the 90s. It appears her style is still stuck in the 80s/90s.

    Everything about this look is tacky – the sari, the blouse, the hair… what am I missing?!

  2. Not liking the blouse. I don’t think it suits big busted people like her. And the way she draped the dupatta doesnt help. I dint the hair too poufed up too.
    Would love to see this outfit one someone else.

  3. Is her saree draped like that on purpose? I don’t see the need for some indian celebrities to let their pallu only cover half of their chests?! C’mon, wear a saree the way it’s supposed to be carried – with dignity! Like Sabyasachi puts it, “Don’t westernize a saree, wear a gown instead.”. Didn’t expect this from Madhuri because she’s such a goddess, but that’s a lovely saree nevertheless.

  4. apart from the hairdo there’s nothing to like about this look. Tacky outfit, sloppy draping and extremely dated lipcolour to name a few.

  5. Finally! Madhuri does justice to her beauty! Please keep doing what you are doing. Please bring some of this to your western outfits!!! Big fan!

  6. She looks good … But only thing visible to me is how happy and content she seems !!! Ams that glow on her face !! Ams her smile !! The lady has got everything in life !! Phhhwwww

  7. I know opinions are personal and to each their own
    But my inner Nina voice just said “I seriously question the level of taste here”
    I can’t believe for someone obsessed with talking about hair, this is actually good
    Different does not equal good
    I’ll take the dated 90s hair over this bizzaro do any day
    Brings Madhuris natural beauty and charm down several notches

  8. Wow I love this look the lehenga saree,the hair,make up,jewllry all so royal. Glad she opted for an indian look for IIfa and not in a gown!

  9. i love the lehenga such a diva to take indianwear international at every given chance, the cancan hem and colors has something so princess like about it..and the embellished blouse oh so stunning i think the fit is perfect for her frame she looks so happy,well styled to the tip..the look is in madhuri’s zone yet makes a redcarpet statement

  10. Its all level of wrong right from the hair. That pavada davani or lehenga saree( whatever) does NOT suit Madhuri at all. Its like she is playing dress up as a teen. lol.


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