From Runway To Photoshoot

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We can’t tell you when this photoshoot featuring Madhuri comes out but we can tell you what she is wearing. 🙂

Who’s not digging the chunky sandals? Me, for one!

Left: Narendra Kumar Ahmed
Right: Madhuri Dixit with Editor Jitesh Pillai at Filmfare Shoot

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. Don’t mind the sandals. Maybe they are not seen in the photoshoot. The necklace is bothering me more. She looks lovely. The gown is a little long for her, but I doubt she will be wearing it for any event.

  2. its not always about what you wear but who you are…and one can very easily just forget the materialistic pleasures in life…and enjoy the woman that is madhuri dixit…she can wear a bean bag for all i care…for me mads is mads…millions stylists can come and style her in designer duds…but she will always glow……..

  3. I dint recogise madhuri in that photo till i red the text below the pictures. It looked a bit like Anushka !
    Dont like the dress and shoes as they are right now. Lets wait for the photo shoot pics.
    The dress is “skeleton costume-like”

  4. madhuri looks stunning in the gown. the photo shoot will give her a oomph from her regular mummy role playing. she is a beauty even in her mid 40s.



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