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Wearing another Anju Modi couture outfit, this time a sari, Madhuri attended the Dinanath Mangeshkar Awards. Instead of the gun metal blouse, she opted for a blue 3/4 sleeve one.

Y’all are gonna hate me for this but I find the hair very “mullet-ish“.

Left: Anju Modi, Couture Week 2011
Right: Madhuri Dixit at Dinanath Mangeshkar Awards 2012

Madhuri Dixit at Dinanath Mangeshkar Awards 2012

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Madhuri is looking owesomeeee
    U guys are crazyyyy
    I wonder who ever writes such bullshit about madhuri raveena Krishma , how pathetic ur dressing sense would be . Your Always criticing others only god knows how people scrutinize ur dressing sense , stop censuring THE REAL STARS

    • These type of comments really irritate me. This is P and P’s blog, therefore, it is their opinion. It doesn’t matter if they dress better than Twinkle or as bad as Tulip – it is their opinion. One thing I can say for sure is P and P’s dress sense is likely to be much better than your grammar/spelling.

    • Its their blog! And last time I checked its a free world. Sheesh! That said, her hair does look mulletish. And the 3/4 th sleeve blouse was the rage in the 90’s. Her dress sense is very much frozen in that time period. Maybe she is recreating the time when she was the undisputed Queen of Bollywood?

  2. I am Madhuri’s biggest fan ever, but you are right on the “mullet”.Oh Madhuri, can’t you ever step out of the fashion-coffin-rut of the Jurassic era?

  3. Also, is it just me or does the new hairstyle make her face look rounder. I squinted for a full five seconds before I realised it was her!

  4. Seriously, who does her hair?! It really lets her down every time. It always looks like she’s had it done at her local ‘parlour’ by someone called ‘Thelma!’

  5. She needs to check herself into a hair salon that specializes in deep conditioning. I mean really deep and then get some deep red highlights.

    Also, this picture of hers makes me think she hardly had nay sleep the night before. Her face looks puffier than the images I saw before.

    Again, some one introduce this lady to some deep conditioning of her hair pronto.

  6. She does look lovely & I appreciate the fact that she has worn a proper blouse instead of the itsy-bitsy blouses that most of the celebrities wear these days…but yeah the entire look is quite dated & feels like she’s repeating herself ….

  7. She is not bored of her hair style……. You are not bored of passing the same comment year after year!! If u can’t move on… How do u expect her to?

  8. I don’t get it: does her sari have a blue lining? Or is she wearing a blue petticoat as the pleats on the bottom do not have the blue tint.


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