Miss Mess!

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Some folks can throw different things on and it somehow works. Not so, in the case of Madhoo, who looked less than pleasing in the blue sequin top, weirdly fit denims, electric blue sandals and brown bag. And if the outfit isn’t bad enough, may we draw your attention to that big-ole zipper?


Madhoo at Maheka Mirpuri’s Spring Collection Preview

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Rarely do Madhoo’s planned looks work let alone these type of thrown together ones. I saw her late last week on Zee’s After Hours and I just don’t get it. This woman has no charm left on her face-I don’t know if it’s working out too much and eating little or not healthy or what. Anyway too much ranting-she looks like a hot mess (as usual).

  2. By only looking at pictire, I was about to ask for the weirdo-big zipper:) these miss-match & wtheyy listers need to either hire a stylist or start reading this blog to have an idea of how to go in public:)

  3. OMG, She is the right candidate for the show “What not to Wear” on TLC…
    Did she not look at the mirror b4 leaving????

  4. i dont know where to start from…i mean really…is she not the same woman flaunting her Berkins…if she has the money why can she simply not hire a stylist…I mean that hideous zipper poking out…we have been taught from childhood to make sure our zippers are in place..are we not!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!

  5. She needs a better makeup artist…..I have one (unused) similar black sequined tank top i dont know if i am going to wear it now.


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