Longines Dictating Ash’s Outfit Colors?

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It seems to me that Longines has directed Aishwarya to wear only white and black to all of its promotional events. It started with the appearance at the Mahalaxmi Grounds where Ash wore a black and white dress.

At a promotional event in Calcutta for Longines the day after, Ash wore a white jacket over black top and black denim.

When Ash was at the French Open earlier this year representing Longines, she wore the same theme above to the event!

It won’t be surprising that Longines decided to dictate the color choices. After Ash’s disastrous appearance at Cannes 2003, Loreal decided to select its own stylist for Ash.(Cuz we all know if left upto Ash, she probably would have picked Neeta Lulla again and looked like a clown in front of the whole world!) Can we ever forget this outfit!?

Maybe a Loreal rep made a secret call to Longines and let them know about Ash’s poor fashion choices!

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