The LBD Face Off

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Both Lara and Mallika attended the Triumph Lingerie show in ‘lil’ black dresses. Who wore their ‘LBD’ better?


Lara Dutta and Mallika Sherawat at Triumph Lingerie Show


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  1. If they traded shoes Mallika’s outfit would be perfect. I don’t get and don’t like front rusching, it’s weird and unflattering, whereas Mallika’s dress, especially the top half is very flattering and she looks like she’s feeling fun and comfortable which is the most important.

  2. actually i like both..but with the accesories..hairstyle and make up, lara wins!
    specially her shoes goes perfect with the dress and malikka omg… that footwear ruins her dress!

  3. I thought that Mallika looked good at this event, she wasn’t over the top but just perfect. Also, her shoes are different and they provide a little contrast, whereas Lara has too much black going on.

  4. I heat Chanel- but not like that
    Mallika looks hot, Laura looks a bit uncreative (it’s the all black that I’m not feeling)
    I’m not completely loving either, but they look fine


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