Lakshmi on Bazaar Bride:(Un)Covered

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Bazaar Bride’s March edition brings back a familiar face, one that we haven’t seen in quite a while. In the Zuhair Murad Couture gown, supermodel Lakshmi exposes a whole lotta décolleté but what I love about this cover more is the styling, which reminded me of some of the covers from the eighties. Especially the hairdo and necklace.

You love as well?


Left: Zuhair Murad, Spring 2015 Couture
Right: Lakshmi Menon on Bazaar Bride Mar 2015

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  1. The hair and makeup does scream 80’s but when combined with the gown it seems disconnected. Jlo wore the same dress for an oscar event, and with a modern take it was executed so much better.

  2. The styling is flawless on the runaway version. Perfection. It is impossible to do better. Neck down Lakshmi’s version matches the perfection of the runaway. Neck up, that hairdo ruins the cover imo.

  3. is that hair plastered on her forehead? much as I love Lakshmi Menon and smouldering as she looks, she deserved a better comeback cover.

  4. The model on the runway looks so damn hot in that dress. On the cover it looks just yuck. That horrible hair and the necklace is pretty stupid.


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