In Masaba

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For the Big Telugu Entertainment Awards, it was a Masaba sari for Ms. Manchu, one that she wore well (minus her choice of earrings). You like?


Lakshmi Manchu At Big Telugu Entertainment Awards 2013

Photo Credit: Ragalahari

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  1. the blouse should have been a solid contrast, like yellow, for a better effect. the Masaba saris are nice, a bit done to death by the ‘we’re different’ lot, but they’re still nice. but a lovely cotton-silk woven yellow blouse would have made it pop.

  2. “Indian art and culture” has such scarcity of ideas n creativity now? A sari n blouse on a banal table-fan object? And a lady who makes it look the tacky best possible! Sigh!

  3. PnP I am a little surprised that you let through obvious repeated celeb baiting.

    A lot of us read the posts for the comments and the repeated negativity reserved for certain folk by the same posters deserves like an epic WTHeyy post of Comments.


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