Grin And ‘Bare’ It.

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Dudes baring abs should have us drooling all over the keyboard, right? Well, while Kunal has us doing exactly that, Neil Nitin just has us going WTHeyyyy! It’s not so much the boxer briefs (ok maybe just a lil’ bit of it too) but more the sheer torn ganjee-like thing that does nothing for him. Nor for us.


Kunal Kapoor and Neil Nitin Mukesh

Photo Credit: Amit Asher, Stardust

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  1. WOW who knew kunal had such a bangin’ bod!? i loveee that ad. But Neil’s looks very akward and slightly feminine in comparison. hugo boss fail.

    • Chill people, I think both pics need perspective.

      First off, I think Neil is sporting a beach wear look. Notice the sand on his shoulders and arm. The shirt is probably a fishing net or something ..with a theme like…u know ‘today’s catch’ or ‘look what the tide brought in’…i dont know. But I dont think it’s simple underwear.

      Second, Kunal is flexing his arms hugely, and is almost doing stomach crunches in that pose…hence the muscles look more promising…doesnt mean he has a better bod. Too much photoshoppin going on these days.

      All said and done, they both probably have some makeup on their abs, so I wouldnt get overly excited about eithers.

      Kunal does have more raw appeal than Neil in the shots above, so I agree sort of with Jazz πŸ˜‰


  2. Luckily for Neil, Kunal’s hottness subdued my horror at his…travesty…and has prevented me from further commenting.
    …yeah right
    that’s all I have to say

  3. lol…nitin luks pissedd…may be he need some cloths…bahahahha….btw is this called expliotion????? lol….ewwwwww

    P.S am droolin over kunalll

  4. i have never liked kunal kapoor but THIS!!!??? i may just change my mind πŸ˜‰ whats with neil?? looks like male version of mallika sherawat πŸ˜€

  5. ohh i feel sooo bad for neil! he looks like a … no i dont want u guys to delete my comment so i’m not gonna say it!!

    i’ll leave it to ur imagination…

    but kunaaall. hot hot hot!!

  6. Neil’s picture made me giggle hysterically rather than swoon….which I assume is not the reaction he was going for when he said yes to the pose and outfit.

  7. Kunal is looking great.. but what is wrong with Neil Nitin Mukesh??
    Its the pose a starlet gives dresses exactly like that!!
    That’s such a GIRLY pose and dress (?)…
    it is a WTHEYY!!

  8. kunal looks hot..
    and Neil outta burn all these pics.. too bad they are all over the net.. horrible horrible shooot.. what was he thinking.. or stars lose ability to think when they are praised.. sigh

  9. Actualy, the difference between the two is that Kunal is not trying to be sexy but just is and neil is trying really hard and is not… And really he needs to get rid of this expression.. Its the same in all his pics

  10. This is Neil Nitin Mukesh doing a Sherlyn Chopra???

    Is kunal Kapoor actually that hot or is it a photoshop miracle? Nonetheless, he’s sizzling!!!

  11. Aw the fact that Neil failed so disastrously at being sexy actually makes him a little more endearing to me. He’s one of those guys that shouldn’t try because when he does it’s (N). Kunal on the other hand.. yes guys of course Photoshop enhances the body but trust me they wouldn’t put abs in where it doesn’t belong. Plus Kunal’s lengthy body means he most likely always had those abs, it would come somewhat easily.

  12. Y’all should feature this hotness (referencing Kunal here) more often!! This post took me from a high to a low in about .5 seconds. Either way I think Neil’s only a vicim here… bechara.

  13. Actually, P&P, I’d say that sheer torn ganjee-like thing actually IS doing something for me.

    It makes me want to rip it off! Whoooo! LOL! let me calm down. πŸ™‚

  14. Aww, Neil is hot usually but this photoshoot is weird, with that pose and expression. Kunal looks good too, though he’s not really my fav.

  15. beach or no beach, neil just looks plain wrong, you know when something isn’t meant to be. This one sure is going to haunt him for a very very long time!

  16. Neil’s cherub curls are helping him even less if he wants to come across as sexy. They ARE adorable but not sexy. Would love to see him with straight hair one day.
    Kunal….how can u do that?? …look so good!


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