In Tanieya Khanuja


Wearing a Tanieya Khanuja dress, Kriti attended Rohan Shrestha’s photo exhibition at the Diesel store in Mumbai. Hair in an updo, her look was finished out with a pink lip and cream pumps.

The pumps seemed a bit meh for the dress but she looked cute nevertheless.

P.S. In case you thought her hand is glued to that right pocket, we know for sure it isn’t. Left pic is evidence! ;)


Kriti Sanon at Rohan Shrestha’s Hanami Photo Exhibition

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. I feel like this girl can’t pull off anything. She seems to be in that awkward stage where her sense of style is still not polished or maybe doesn’t have a stylist/ a good stylist. She by herself seems to have no sense of style. Also always wears weird shoes.


  2. Wow, P&P, you can be really cutting and downright mean to people who you are not biased towards? The pumps definitely don’t look ‘meh’. Didn’t the pumps look ‘meh’ over here?

    Kriti looks lovely here. Solid one toned colours are not for her. She is cut for colours, briskness, and a rage of brightness. Those pumps in fact add to the cuteness of this look. Any other kind of shoes would taken away the the cute and delicate vibe of the look.




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