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Kriti visited a reality TV show to promote her upcoming movie and was seen wearing a black Alexander McQueen dress. While I would’ve preferred a chunky sandal here, the problem with this look was not the footwear, it was the hairdo. It was just too safe and too Bollywood with that one sleek styled strand.

Kriti Sanon

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks smoking! The make-up is on point and the hair complements the look well. The problem is that the outfit isn’t a practical choice and the footwear is a downer. The look is great for editorial not for in person promotions. Having said that she looks great and is carrying it well. I find your commentary quite funny – too safe and too Bollywood. Pretty harsh on her while handling someone like say Alia at Milan Fashion Week with kid gloves : that is a look that should’ve been labelled safe.

    • I doubt we’d see Alia in real life in a dress like this. She seems to know what works for her. Yes, they are safe but they work for her. Kriti has all this potential but for some reason holds back and that to me is disappointing. In recent times, the one that really blew me away was the Monisha Jaising at the NMACC opening. She went all out and looked bleddy amazing.

      • Surely you could make the same argument that Kriti also knows what works for her (just like Alia does) hence she didn’t want to go too crazy with the hair? I would also argue that Alia could try far more experimental looks in real life. She’s done more dressed up looks to the airport than she did at the Gucci show. Alia has looked insane when styled in a more risky, bold way as her editorials show so I think she could take far more chances and get away with it. On the other hand, Kriti I think is putting in more effort to shake things up (who would dare to wear this dress in real life honestly speaking) so let’s appreciate that.

        P.S. I infact think Kriti’s hairstyle is quite edgy here and absolutely perfect for the dress-not “Bollywood” at all.

      • Payal, I’ll have to disagree. Alia and her stylist rarely know what works best for her body type. She is dressed or dresses like someone who is much taller and statuesque. She needs to take notes from the K-Pop and K-drama stars who are petite like her and dress to advantage for their body types. smokes&mirrors was right to bring up Milan Fashion Week – you do treat her with highly special gloves. She looked out of place in the green top, jeans and those glasses. A leather skirt or tailored pants would have worked with the green top but she chose her own jeans. The makeup was all things wrong. Kriti has a much better idea what works for her and carries them off well, in spite of missteps.

        • I agree with the comments here vs Payel’s. Alia it seems tries to be like someone else on many red carpet events. This McQueen is actually very very wearable since the side zipper can be leveraged to make an edgy or moderate statement. If the hair also was edgy it would look too costumey or punk. I think there is an ease here which I love. In general I like Kriti’s choices… something athletic and powerful about herstyle… Alia rarely graduates past ‘cute’.

    • I think it’s petty to compare the price of outfits worn to salaries earned by people she doesn’t even know personally. It’s as if you’re saying the cost of her dress is offensive, I find that ridiculous. Saying it’s overpriced or too much makes sense but drawing a parallel between someone else’s personal finances and her outfit choice is nonsensical. She’s a movie star-either got it for free or if she bought it, it’s clearly with her hard earned money so let’s just leave it at that?

    • You do know that she’s a very well-paid actress, right?
      So, she also makes a whole lot more than most of us do. Plus it’s a promotional event. She was most likely lent that dress.

  2. As great as the makeup and dress looks on her, I feel there was a lot more potential with hair and shoes. Kriti’s hair and shoe choices have mostly been a snoozefest, going by her past apperances.

    Frankly this dress deserved edgier styling and was better suited to fashion events.


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