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Kriti has been busy promoting her upcoming movie this past week and sporting a few different looks while at it. Loved her in the white the best with the emerald green Intrinsic gown coming a close second, only because of the color.

Which ones were your favorite?

On an aside, it’s also worth mentioning that Ms. Sanon’s photoshoot footwear just about is always vastly different from what she shows up at the real events. Case in example, the yellow David Koma which she wore with thigh-high boots (see here) but with sneakers at the promotions itself. The photoshoot pics sure were eye-catching but the actual real life pics, quite underwhelming.

If we haven’t said it before, it is one of the main reasons, we wait on actual real-life pics before passing a verdict on any person’s look.

In David Koma (left) and Nadine Merabi (right)

In Intrinsic (left) and Akanksha Gajria (right)

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. One of the main reasons I like Kriti is that she rarely gives in to the peer pressure of wearing sky high heels, and prefers comfort over style!

    I am also curious – did you really think the thigh-high boots were better? They looked like garbage bags tied to the legs.

    • I disagree! I think the boots made this look worth talking about – whether you like or dislike them, they evoke a strong reaction. Its also worth mentioning that Kriti only wear heels in person when her costar is taller than her or equally as tall as her. Whether that choice is an active one made by her or her stylist or a note from the film team, or is even a fair position for her, that’s the way it has been. She wears heels in her photo shoots and PLENTY of solo appearances and totally rocks them.

      Also Team HHC on this one, for not judging a look till its seen in person.

  2. She towers over most of her male co-stars. Instead of embracing her glorious height, she has to wear flats and sneakers for movie promos to not look so tall (it’s all PR decided and stars have no say unless you are SRK, Salman, Akshay, etc.). And before anyone says comfort over style, that David Koma outfit is probably not the most comfortable to walk around what with its length and weird cut outs.

    Having said that, she looks really good in the white and blush pink outfit.

    • An excellent point about the fact that it is about her male costars and not being taller than them. Agreed regarding the yellow dress looking uncomfy!

  3. She looks great in the white outfit. Great styling.

    Loved her in the green look too.

    The peach feathery look is passable too.

    The yellow look fails to pack a punch and the peach saree looks inexpensive.

    She could do much better!


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