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At the trailer unveiling of Veere Ki Wedding (not to be confused with Veere Di Wedding), leading lady Kriti was seen in a lace dress that frankly didn’t do much for her.

What’s worse was that had she worn the original design (a Thurley) perhaps she would’ve fared better.

Having said that, what is with stylists continuously showcasing these knockoff brands. Don’t they realize that they are doing their clients a major disservice!?!

Thurley Merry Go Round Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Wasn’t the skirt that Katrina wore on BFFs with Vogue also an Appapop and also a (Balmain) rip-off? I think you give the stylists too much credit. Most won’t have done enough research to know an original design exists.

  2. Well.. let’s just say they are doing good service to their accounts by selling good designs ripped from big/successful brands. Original won’t sell with such lack of talents.

  3. I think the stylists are also to be blamed. Sorry to say but they can’t be that stupid. They all follow high end brands like Balmain and watch tv or follow other Hollywood fashion sites to know that Appapop makes copies. Taapsee has been seen multiple times wearing Appapop and one of her looks was a blatant copy.. her stylist should have known better. Same goes for people like Amrita Rao and Katrina Kaif who have been seen in Appapop.. both looks were copies. Maybe the actresses don’t follow fashion that closely but stylists should be more aware whats out there.
    Also the fact they post pictures of designer’s photoshoot/collection should be a dead give away. Pay more attention stylists!


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