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Koffee with Karan started taping this week and and there are plenty of familiar faces we are going to see this upcoming season being their fashionable best.

Have a favorite so far from what you see?

Deepika Padukone in Gauri and Nainika

Alia Bhatt in Monse Maison

Janhvi Kapoor in Nedret Taciroglu

Sara Ali Khan in Bibhu Mohapatra

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  1. Really like what Deepika is in.. not the matchy white shoe though, I would replace that with a neon one.

    Rest of the stars.. none so good, just glossed in great lighting.

    The last line in this post, I think this season will be launch pad for star kids with their pre Bollywood interviews before they r stars.

    • Agree with everything but the neon shoes. That ‘pop of colour ‘ is so damn boring now. Monochrome is good, monochrome is nice and monochrome should be appreciated ? Just saying. :).
      P.S: pnp you forgot to write that she looked nice. One has to be blind or biased to not comment on overall effect of a look on any star if some carries it the way M’s padukone is.

      • i mean anything to break the white.. or beige lace booties or something else. as is its kind of like a hot nurse outfit. or a better white sandal..

  2. I quite like what Sara’s wearing, very sophisticated. Janhvi and Alia look a bit overdone for a talk show (even if it may be THE talk show of talk shows) and Deepika looks nice but her dressing is getting more and more boring by the day.

  3. What chance do these ordinary looking star kids have in front of the diva like Padukone…. despite dressed in glossy and shimmery outfits?

  4. Pretty underwhelming outfits overall. They have no idea how to dress for a talk show, looks more like typical Bollywood party-wear. Heck who even watches Koffee with Karan any more? It devolved into petty clannish-ness very long ago. Need a palate cleanser right away!

  5. Deepika looks the best. Alia’s hair and makeup is on point but i don’t understand her outfit choice. Its like the lower part of her dress was put through a shredder. The less said about Jhanvi’s look the better. I don’t like Sara’s sleeve.

    • I guess the current lot of directors are equally lacking in skill and eye for finding real stars so yeah getting star kids to make themselves rich by making glossy dumb movies for them. Like mr Johar.

  6. No hopes for Hindi film industry when stars dress this ott for a talk show barring Dp. Ohh i forgot the host himself is ott in his dressing and vocab.


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