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Ms. Purie tweeted this pic of her with Mr. Bachchan and we instantly recognized the Desigual Loraine Dress on her. I have mixed feelings about Desigual. Some of their patchwork stuff is pretty cool but some of the designs feel very busy, like this dress.

Left: Koel Purie in Desigual On On The Couch With Koel With Amitabh
Right: Desigual Loraine Dress

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. oh gawd mah eyes. looks like a sea of blood with her stupid red couch, red sandals, the busy dress, amitabhs hideous jacket. such a waste cuz the dress is pretty.

  2. This dress is not for everyone. Someone with tall slender body will rock it.
    Even Koel with right hair could have worn it better.

  3. A big fat WTHeeyy to Koel for that hideous dress and to Amitabh for that TERRIBLE jacket. When will AB’s velvet fixation go away? When???

  4. the dress isn’t for her…its too big and she has added yellow to it! Now put the same thing on Sonam or Deepika…and it’ll be a slam dunk!

  5. what the hell is up with VELVET jackets?? its like Amitabh is creating his own version of hefner’s velvet housecoats. stupid.

  6. I like Desiguals jackets better than their dresses, I think their busy prints work on the jackets as opposed to their dresses, they do get a bit monotonous though!

    • Ahhh i completely agree (about their jackets being fabulous) Love Desigual, though it isn’t exactly wearable :p
      Their kids collection is brilliant too.


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