Karisma on L’Officiel:(Un)Covered

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Having the cover star surrounded by folks doesn’t just apply to the men it seems for L’Officiel India. Remember this?

Having said that, like Karisma’s cover?

Left: Roberto Cavalli, Spring 2011
Right: Karisma Kapoor on L’Officiel India Apr’11

Photo Credit: Facebook, Style

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  1. I think she looks great (shes gorgeous she always does) but they couldv made an edgier cover, specially with that outfit…its so interesting, but on the cover i dont think they set up the shoot very well..

    • i think cavalli requires a sassier attitude than Karisma’s. In Bollywood, Malaika is a ultimate Cavalli girl. Karisma’s vibe is a bit too goody-goody/

  2. as much as i love karisma… becos she is truly charismatic… i somehow dont like this cover… the gown is already too busy wid tat print and the men around her make the whole even more messy and cluttered… #disappointed 😀

  3. I love it that she’s on a magazine cover ’cause I can never get enough of Karishma. She’s so elegant, poised and real. However this cover does not do justice to her. Her hair could have been much much better, the jewelery just doesn’t go with the dress.

    Also what are those boys doing with those posters. Looks weird. They could have made it a little more fun. The cover looks a little fake because of the posters and the hair and lacks personality.

    • that makes a lot of sense. as beautiful as she is, i didn’t think she was relevant enough to earn a cover now.

      anyway, not a fan. her face is flawless, but the dress is messy and needs some spunk to pull off- karishma looks ethereal but not spunky. and the extensions make the entire thing look so cluttered.

  4. she looks good, but this cover does not do her any justice. They could have at least had a cover showing the full dress. the photo looks incomplete.

  5. With her fabulous bone structure (look at that jaw line !! ) and the best skin ever ,she has to look fabulous….and no doubt …the cover has her in her best…. But …
    i think the photographer focused too much light on her right frame of the face…its too bright !! and also i think its the extra long hair thats making the dress look a little unappealing…and that design element looks more like a hole in her dress on the skirt..

  6. I think the fact that I’m all too aware that her hair is just NOT that thick distracts me from this picture. Am bored of her constant need for hair extensions and want her to embrace her natural beauty!

    • I do not like the hair extensions either, but this is the first time I have seen extensions on Karisma. She has naturally thick beautiful hair.

  7. The cover is ok but inside Karishma in d Editorials look tired and boring. Page layouts are oh so damn poor not at all looking luxe n expensive frm 1st page to last page it screams only one thing cheap, chaep and cheap. And dats not at all L’official kida stuff. I think L’official India desperately needs a new look.

    Wake up Superna Darling


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