In Manish Malhotra


Wearing a custom Manish Malhotra kurta and pants, Karisma attended the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at the Ambanis on Thursday evening. She looked lovely.

On an aside, been wondering for a while if it is Karisma’s years of being in the business experience, attention to detail (e.g. fitting/colors) that always makes her shine in Manish Malhotra outfits. We see so many others choose pretty yet so ill-fitted looks from the designer that it almost always fails to make an impression. What do you think?

Karisma Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. On the contrary, this is one of her least polished looks. The proportions are off and the color is so garish. She has done SO much better in the past.

  2. Sorry…can’t look past the poor eye make up ! 3rd pic all I can we his her concealer. A first time i find Kareena ‘s outfit better than hers.

  3. I think her experience might help but then there are so many people who have no sense of dressing in spite of spending years in the industry. I believe it’s her self-awareness of what looks good on her (that guides her choice of clothes), confidence in herself ( thus she doesn’t need to wear clothes that are figure-hugging or expose garishly), knowledge about fits (people often go over clothes that appear too tight or overwhelm them), and an innate sense of who she is as a result of which she wears her personality over expensive clothes. For someone to shine no matter what they wear, the confidence and sense of ease about themselves has to come from within. There’s only so much clothes, hair and make-up can do if you do not have a personality.


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