In Twos

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While out for a lunch and travelling back, Kareena opted for comfy co-ords. Have a favorite between the two?

She is wearing Ila in the left.

P.S: Please continue being cautious, double mask and get vaccinated when able to. Stay safe and well!

Kareena Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. None !! First one reminds me of “Hum angrejon ke zamane ke jailor hai” and second looks like a loan from Saif. Though I get it that she is a new mom and also appreciate it, I wouldn’t wear either.

  2. Throwing on pajamas for lunch just becoz they are comfy is ridiculous..tomorrow new moms will show up at weddings and festivals in these silly clothes..
    She can do much better especially with access to so many brands and clothes wear that carry new mom wear.
    surely she can find something better looking.
    This is more of a rebel wear that screams hey I am comfy !

    • I agree with you. New mom doesn’t mean you need to wear your husband’s clothes. You can be relaxed, wear something comfortable and relatable instead of always screaming for attention

      • Isn’t that what she is doing though – wearing something comfy that is? It’s your perception that those are her husband’s clothes.

  3. I give her a pass… she is a new mom… thank god she isn’t looking perfect… I really like that she isn’t taking the pressure to look perfect either. She is making a statement by doing so & a pretty bold one at that. Love her for this!

  4. I sooo want to like the 2nd outfit.. It’s got everything I love.. white.. linen/mulmul..crochet.. crop length.. etc etc.. but it just doesn’t look nice at all 🙁 They don’t even look like coords.. they look like a linen shirt thrown over some salwar suit’s palazo pants..

    same for the first one.. love nautical stripes.. but they just look like pjs..

    I don’t think she’s trying to be comfortable being a new mom. I think she’s genuinely wearing these because breezy co -ords are fashionable.. but both don’t work

  5. I love the way she sports both. They may not be perfect, but kudos to her for putting comfort over all. I’d love the white set for myself. It looks organic, comfy, and breezy.


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