Doing Denim

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Kareena taped for her radio show on Monday wearing a Tommy Hilfiger waistcoat with acid-wash denim pants from Madison. Overall, she looked good in the look but I personally didn’t care for those denims. Were they a deal breaker for you?

Kareena Kapoor

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  1. I like how fresh and lovely she looks face-wise (to chop her hair was the best decision ever!). Deepika, take note: how to do layered necklaces right. But neck down, it’s a very disconnected look. Somewhat semi-formal, somewhat casual, and then those fluorescent heels. Not really working. :/

  2. No matter what she wears, no one can deny she is every inch a movie star. Like, she was born to be a star. This new hair-do looks amazing!!

  3. Great makeup and she does look good without sucking her cheeks in but the waistcoat is a tad ill fitted especially the first button and the jeans horrendous! She probably dressed like this cause she was interviewing young social media stars.


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