In Faraz Manan

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At the inauguration of a store of a jewellery brand she endorses, Kareena was seen in an ornate Faraz Manan long kurta and pants and diamond jewellery. While she started out with the dupatta, looks like she ditched it for the event.

Did you like it with or without it?

Photo Courtesy: facebook

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  1. It looks like she’s wearing clothes stitched out of an old tapestry. With those ridiculous pyjamas to boot, they give her stumpy legs. A shorter kurta with churidar and dupatta would have been more graceful. Not a fan.

  2. I miss the good l’days when people were strict about what was worn when and where! these days there is just no novelty left……heavy outfits (gaudy or tasteful) are just worn anytime – anywhere …….which was usually reserved for “special occasions” like weddings or awards nights !! definitely taking away the charm. sigh!!!


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