In Dolce & Gabbana


At the reception, Karan Johar was spotted wearing a printed Dolce & Gabbana suit. He looked good. While brownie points were won for not picking a black suit, they were all lost when he chose Dolce & Gabbana.

Considering Stefano’s homophobic, racist slant, we (P & P, and I) are surprised to see the brand get the support it does. Personally, we swore off the brand after the first outrageous scandal and wish more celebrities on this side of the pond would follow suit too.

Karan Johar

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. It’s great to see you finally take a stand P and P!
    The world of high fashion (especially western designers) is unfortunately dominated by racists, misogynists, sexual predators and homophobes.
    HHC is a big enough “influencer”. If you were to start a mild boycott of sorts (not featuring people who wear these brands or call them out for doing so), I’m sure it would have an impact, no matter how miniscule you think it might be.
    Women and Indians need to stop throwing their money at these people. Please tell me Chanel is next (Karl Lagerfeld is distateful).

  2. The kind of stuff D&G gets away with at times. Unlike China. Also I don’t understand Tommy! Why are “browns” still patronising TH? Sir doesn’t design for us you see.

  3. Thank you Shruti, Payal and Priyanka for taking this stand. Please also stop featuring the brand on HHC – for example, this post. I can’t believe a celebrity like KJo can be so tone deaf.

    • If they didnt feature the brand, i wouldnt have known about the misogynist comments. Its much better to post it with such the comment you did. It creates awareness.

  4. It is particularly disappointing coming from Karan who has tried to portray himself as supportive of LGBTQ rights. It just goes to show how apolitical he is.

    • I wouldn’t give that to KJo. His list of movies portrays the LGBTQ community as complete stereotypes and caricatures- i.e. Dostana, Kal Ho Na Ho, the list goes on. He has done more disservice than good- his choosing this outfit just solidifies that.

  5. What a ridiculous and unnecessary stance. Do you guys require individuals to furnish a certificate of morality before featuring them on this site? Do you check every celebrity’s conscience to make sure they are not guilty of anything that you don’t agree with? Let’s stick to what this site is about: judging people on what they are wearing and stop with the pontification!

      • The designer in question took a stance on a certain issue. That is his prerogative. Disagreeing with him is yours. But social/political commentary is a slippery slope, one that I believe this blog wasn’t meant to include. Perhaps I am wrong. But if you’re calling out DnG maybe you’ll stop featuring designers who perpetuate an unhealthy and unrealistic body image or magazines that openly serve as adverts for star kids or actors who pay lip service to sectarian elements. Where does the buck stop?

        • Damn. I don’t necessarily agree with you but I can’t entirely disagree either. BUT, I love the way you’ve written this comment. Very posh. Wonderfully articulated! I think you should write articles if you don’t already. Love your choice of words!

  6. Didn’t Melania just wear D and G on your side of the pond immediately after the controversy? Why point fingers to this side of the pond when the rest of the world continues to wear the brand except Chinese celebs (for now).

  7. I am sure he would take a stand if Karan Johar read something more pertinent than bollywood filmy magazine. The poor man is totally clueless about what’s happening in the world.

  8. Where do you stop? Brands regularly use palm oil? Brands that once supported questionable regimes (Hugo Boss, anyone?) ? Brands that have their stuff made in unfair conditions and don’t pay the makers well? Do you really want to be going into the antecedents of each and every brand and then decide whether or not they are worthy of being worn by these slebs? No one is going to come out smelling of roses.

  9. Well, there’s no lack of hypocrisy in B-town or elsewhere. How about Priyanka Chopra who dissuaded Indians from bursting crackers during Diwali, but had a spectacular, awe-inspiring fireworks display at her wedding? That’s not the same as being racist but it just shows how much actions speak louder than words. I also remember Payal (of HHC) was called out on Instagram, for wearing a sweatshirt that was a rip off and she justified wearing it by saying that she knew it was a copy but she “didn’t want to throw away something she spent her hard earned money on “. So you guys can’t blame Karan who may have spent a bomb on that suit then, can you? After all , you don’t know when he bought it ?



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